Okay she will kill me but whatever.

This is Yazmin. My long distance girlfriend of 5 months on the 17th. I personally think she’s beautiful, adorable, sexy and just one of the best things to ever happen to me. This is why I’m doing this.

See, she hates her body. She bought some corsets today and she thinks they look terrible, personally I think she looks damn straight sexy.

I guess what I’m asking is that you reblog this proving to her that she is beautiful and does look great in a corset. I will be forever in your debt if you help me with this. Thank you and have a great life.

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    The right balance between sexy and cute without looking -please excuse my lack for a better word- slutty. She is damn...
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    You are one lucky man. Your girlfriend looks gorgeous in that corset. I hope she realizes she should have all the...
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    She is very pretty and sexy. You are a lucky guy. However, part of the reason she may not feel sexy in this is that it...
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    Beautiful. You are one lucky man Jed.

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